Our mission

The "Creative Connection for Communities e.V." has set itself the task of promoting art and culture in communities that lack educational, structural and financial opportunities. The two main areas of focus are direct cultural support for children, adolescents and young adults and assistance in building up a cultural infrastructure.

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In our opinion, the most effective and most sustainable improvements in living conditions are propelled from the inside of the community. One of our most important principles is therefore to avoid patron mentalities and bringing ready-made Eurocentric solutions. These people already have all the forces they need to move forward. We are lending a hand and cooperate with strong community based initiatives to add our structural and financial possibilities to their abundant strengths to make their dreams of a better life come true.
We have started assisting Kibera Creative Arts (KiCA), a bustling community based organization in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya. What these people have already achieved under the most adverse circumstances, with incredible positivity, love and willpower, is enormous and their promising and effective work deserves our greatest respect. Our cooperation with KiCA in Kenya is the start. To work with many more organisations and communities, is our vision for the future.
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Why art and culture?

"Without music, I would not be who I am today. It is through the passion of arts that I work hard in this community." sais Philip Oyoo, one of the organizers of KiCA, in his story on their website. Art and culture offer personality development, meaningful occupation, self-expression, and are a fruitful emotional outlet in opposition to crime, drug abuse and violence, which sometimes, due to the lack of other chances, seem like an effective way to ensure survival in slums like Kibera. Art and culture reflect the community and play a key role in shaping the atmosphere and mood among people. They therefore also have the potential to strengthen a sense of community and peace and to make people more resilient to the hardships of life. Furthermore, for the artistically gifted it is important to be allowed to develop and to have a perspective in their strengths.
But even the greatest effort from inside quickly reaches its limits in places like Kibera, where people regularly go to bed hungry, where death (due to illness, crime, political instability, accidents) is a constant companion, where financial resources are absent and structural dead ends determine life. There may be a thousand starting points other than art and culture to achieve positive changes, but since we, the founders of Creative Connection for Communities e.V., are artists ourselves and know about the value and necessity of culture in a community, we have felt the urge to use these professional strengths here.
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What do we do?

In our western world, like here in Germany, structures such as free and inexpensive educational and cultural offers, scholarships and grants as well as basic financial and social support are important pillars of a good, promising and positive social and cultural life. They are available to or can at least be applied for by everyone. We want to pass these advantages on to communities that lack these opportunities and assist them in paving the way for structural and educational paths in the field of culture.
Our work is in truly understanding the situation and what is needed, in discussing realistic chances and possibilities and in joint development of solutions - at all times in direct cooperation, with mutual cultural mindfulness and respect.
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